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Things to Consider Before Choosing Your New Boiler

A new boiler is a huge investment and will play a role in your day-to-day life for the next decade or so; what if you choose the wrong one? You may think that one boiler suits all, but you’d be surprised how many options you have when it comes to your new boiler. Have you considered size? Location? Manufacturer? If not, this is the blog post for you!

7 Things To Consider Before Installing a Boiler

things to consider before installing a new boiler

What size boiler do I need?

The size of your boiler will depend on two things: Which type you choose and how high your demand for hot water is. This is an important choice because choosing a boiler that is too big will cost an unnecessary amount of money to run. On the other hand, a boiler that is too small will not be able to keep up with your demand for hot water. Based on the size of your home and amount of people living there, our gas engineers in Southampton can help you out with this big decision. 

Where will my boiler go?

Currently, most new boilers are installed in kitchens or the utility room and wall-mounted in cupboards. We understand that this will not suit all and some smaller kitchens just don’t have the space. It is a good idea to consider other possible places for your boiler. You also must consider where your boiler’s components will go. A conventional boiler requires a lot of loft space for two water tanks, while a system boiler only requires a water cylinder. If your home is really low on space, a combination boiler only requires the boiler unit itself!

Which boiler manufacturer do I choose?

When it comes to picking a manufacturer, you need to decide which benefits appeal to you the most. All manufacturers offer different things, such as low prices, excellent quality, long warranties or great customer service. Realistically, a cheaper boiler that comes with a minimum length guarantee might not last as long as an expensive boiler with a lengthy guarantee, so you need to prioritise what you think matters most. This decision is completely up to you, but we can help you out based on your budget restrictions. 

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is essential for cutting energy costs as well as your carbon impact. Look for the boiler's energy efficiency rating before selecting a new one. Although a highly efficient boiler may need a larger initial investment, there will be substantial long-term savings. 

things to know before installing a boiler

Compatibility with Existing Systems

Think about whether the new boiler will work with your current heating and hot water systems if you're replacing an old boiler. If you want to upgrade to a different kind of boiler, you might need to do extra work like install new pipes or remove unnecessary parts. When selecting your new boiler, account for any additional expenses and inconveniences related to system improvements.

Speak with one of our heating engineers in Andover, Southampton, Basingstoke, Portsmouth, and the surrounding areas if you have concerns about compatibility with existing systems in your home. Call us on 07732 785867.

Installation cost

The kind of boiler, the difficulty of the installation, and any additional work needed can all affect how much it costs to install a new boiler. Compare the costs and services offered by many reliable installers by getting quotations from them. Prioritise quality and dependability over price to make sure your boiler is built safely and correctly, even if it may be tempting to go with the least expensive alternative.

Noise level

A boiler's noise level can change based on several things, including its design, where it is installed, and how it operates. Even while more recent condensing boilers are often quieter than their predecessors, noise levels should be taken into account when selecting a boiler, particularly if it will be placed in a living room or bedroom. If noise is an issue, be sure to contact your installer for assistance as some boilers are made with silent operation in mind.

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