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4 Benefits of Regular Boiler Servicing

We know that servicing your boiler isn’t the most exciting thing to be spending your money on, but the long lasting benefits that come with annual boiler checks are worth every penny.
Would you rather be paying for a quick and easy annual boiler servicing with our gas engineers, or have to fix a boiler breakdown leaving you with a pricey bill?

Boiler servicing keeps you safe and sound

A faulty boiler presents many hazards to you and your family. The main risk linked with boilers is a carbon monoxide leak. Known as ‘The Silent Killer’, carbon monoxide is a colourless, odourless gas that is poisonous when breathed in. With no way of knowing you are breathing it in, it is incredibly dangerous and can be fatal if you are exposed to it for long enough.
To reduce the risk of this, our gas engineers check for any potential leaks or weak spots where CO may escape from and rectify any problems- reducing this hazard. For further peace of mind, we recommend a carbon monoxide alarm being placed near your boiler to catch any leaks quickly.
On top of carbon monoxide leaks, faulty boilers can also create fires or explosions within your home. These happen more frequently than you may think and are especially common amongst non-serviced boilers.

Boiler servicing keeps you warranty/guarantee valid

A lot of new boilers now come with a ten year guarantee/warranty. These are great, but make sure you read the small print to see if boiler servicing is required to keep it valid. With a lot of guarantees/warranties, if you do not service your boiler every twelve months, you may void it- leaving you no financial help if your boiler breaks down or requires expensive repairs.

Annual boiler saving lowers your bills

During an annual servicing, our gas engineers check for any worn out parts that are not working as well as they once did. When these parts have been replaced, your boiler can begin to work at its full potential again; becoming much more efficient.
An efficient boiler requires less energy to operate, meaning less energy is getting wasted. By wasting less energy, you are also wasting less money. Not only is this reducing your carbon footprint, you are also leaving yourself more money to spend on the things that matter most to you.

Boiler servicing is cheaper than a new boiler

In an annual check, our gas engineers can spot any small problems before they get chance to escalate into something more severe. As a result, you will only have to pay a small repair bill, rather than only discovering the problem when it has caused your boiler to break down.
Not only will this extend the lifespan of your boiler, it also saves you money long term.

Need a boiler service in Eastleigh, Southampton?

All of our gas engineers are Gas Safe registered and proudly qualified to work safely on any gas appliances, including boiler servicing. Here at TP watts we offer boiler servicing, repairs and replacements in Southampton, Eastleigh, Winchester, Hampshire, Fair Oak, Bishopstoke, Chandlers ford.
For more information or to arrange a quote with our gas engineers- fill out our contact form, email us at thomaspwatts@btinternet.com or give us a call at 02380 601566 / 07732 785867. We’d love to hear from you!