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If you are considering using a water softener, you have come to the right place! At TP Watts plumbing we offer a free quote and demo, with an explanation of all the features and benefits, an an honest review of water softener systems for your home. So have a look at the information below, then contact us for your free quote - don't delay, get your home a water softener system today!

Huge benefits of having soft water in your home

  • Showers and bathrooms stay clean, no build up of lime scale or grime
  • Reduced fuel costs by having a more efficient heating system
  • No lime scale on household appliances such as kettles, dishwashers, washing machines
  • Reduce costs for repairing and maintenance, not only on your appliances, but also your pipes
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Soft Water
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Soft water, frequently asked questions

Is water softeners a luxury item?
With a water softener you save on spending money on household cleaning equipment, and reduce the amount of energy that your home uses.

How long will it take to remove scale?
It depends on the amount of scale already present, but typically within just a few weeks, scale will be gone from your kettle, within a few months the scale will be gone from your heat exchanger, and within a couple of years the scale will be completely gone from your pipe work.

Is soft water OK for pets to drink?
All fine with the potential exceptions of some exotic, tropical fish.

Can I use softened water in my dishwasher?
Definitely, once the system is fitted, you no longer need to add salt, and most people reduce the amount of rinse they use.


The best water softener systems - reviews

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